Rapid Response Adventure Medicine (R.R.A.M)

We have a variety of courses available, any clinical content or medical based skills are only taught by practising doctors or paramedics:

  • Adventure Medicine (1 Day)
  • Expedition Medicine (1 Day)
  • Adventure & Expedition Medicine (2-days) which exceeds first aid requirements for outdoor instructors qualifications
  • Gap-Year Medicine (1 or 2 Days) which is taught through participating schools/colleges to prepare young people to keep themselves and others safe on their travels
  • Urban Medicine (1 day) which prepares non-medics and medical students to respond to urban based trauma such as terrorist attacks or road traffic accidents
  • Surf Medicine – coming soon!

An example of the content-rich days you can expect from our courses can be viewed below, delivered as practically as possible to ensure an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. Each course incorporates pre-arrival reading, real-time scenarios, informal Q&A and no exams (there is continuous assessment). We will provide certificates or letters for your portfolios upon completion.

You might be someone’s best chance of survival. Do you know what to do - could you save a life?

Day-1 (Adventure Sports/Travel Medicine)

Course Description
16 hours including pre-course reading/workbooks and teaching time with medic
Course Cost
Pre-course reading
Patient Assessment, Common Medical Emergencies, Trauma Emergencies, and Medical Kit Bags.
Session Name Session Description
Patient assessment, basic life support and AED use Assessment and management of the unconscious casualty, BLS including CPR and AED use, Spinal injury management and recovery position, choking management, history taking and assessment.
Trauma emergencies Including catastrophic bleeding and tourniquet use, sources of significant bleeding, pelvic fractures, open and femoral fractures, penetrating injuries, amputation and partial amputation management, head injuries.
Common medical emergencies Including stroke, hypothermia/hyperthermia, Anaphylaxis, shortness of breath, chest pain, seizures, diabetic emergencies.
Musculoskeletal injuries Assessment and immobilisation.
Wound care Management of wounds including burns and blisters, closure, signs of infection.
Drowning Basic life support and CPR, secondary and near-drowning.
Medical kit Considerations and medications.
Evacuation Medical evacuation and contact with emergency services.
Informal Q&A Open session with medic.
Practicals Medical kit application and scenarios.
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Day-2 (Expedition Medicine)

Course Description
16 Hours including pre-course reading and contact time with the medic
Course Cost
Pre-course reading
Patient Assessment and CPR/AED Recap, Tropical Medicine and Animal Interactions, Marine Envenomation, and Camp Craft/Water Purification/Prevention
Session Name Session Description
Pre-departure Risk assessment, preparation and grab bag introduction.
Patient assessment, basic life support and AED use Practical scenario assessment of BLS including CPR and AED use.
Altitude Including HAPE/HACE.
Cold injuries Hypothermia and frost bite.
Heat injuries Hyperthermia.
Tropical medicine Mosquito bite prevention, insect borne diseases, snake bites, mammal bites.
Medical kit Adaptations, medications, group discussion and planning.
Lightning Strikes
International remote medicine Vaccinations, disease prevention, hygiene, water treatment, personal safety.
Common medical conditions Eye complications in varying environments, rashes, Diarrhoea and Vomiting, wound infection.
Submersion illness Awareness of cold water shock, sea-sickness, brief principle of prevention.
Informal Q&A Open session with medic.
Practicals Scenarios.
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Why book our courses?

We are one of only two companies in the United Kingdom that only use qualified and practising doctors and paramedics with adventure sport/expedition experience/military background to deliver content as standard (rather than first aiders). This is a purposeful decision, medical professionals are required by law to undertake CPD which means their knowledge, expertise and relevant experience must be continually updated. We tend to select trainers who have also undertaken a post-graduate MSc in some form of austere environment training such as MSc Extreme Medicine which is operated through Exeter University Medical School. Our intention is to offer our clients the best course possible which will be fit for purpose. 

Even if you do not feel the need to undertake first aid training our courses look superb on CVs. Incorporating all the core skills sought by corporate companies (decision making, strategic thinking, confidence, team work, good follower) we are happy to erite you a personal letter upon completion for your portfolios. 

For further information on any of our courses please contact Founder Nikki McLeary on 

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