Rapid Response Adventure Medicine (R.R.A.M)

21st Century First Aid for an Outdoor Generation

Rapid Response Adventure Medicine (R.R.A.M) was created to meet demand for dynamic, challenging, captivating and clinically-sound first aid courses specifically designed for people participating in an adventurous lifestyle, at home or overseas. In a split second an adventure can become a race against time to save a life. A fin laceration surfing, a snake bite in a remote location, a fall from height climbing, anaphylactic shock during expedition, a cardiac arrest sailing off-shore, hypothermia on a winter hike or hyperthermia on a summer trek. Would you know what to do? Challenging environments can be remote, the emergency services may be delayed, you might be someone’s best chance of survival. Could you save a life?

Written by doctors and extreme sports scientists our courses are only taught by practising paramedics or doctors with adventure sport/expedition/military experience. Certified by the U.K Society of Extreme, Expedition and Wilderness Medicine, a not-for-profit organisation recognised as a leading authority in remote pre-hospital emergency care.

You might be someone’s best chance of survival. Do you know what to do - could you save a life?

Teaching Faculty

Rapid Response Adventure Medicine was conceptualised by founder Nikki McLeary after 15 years operating her own adventure company in multiple overseas locations and environments (Desert, Mountain and Ocean). Location and environment can cause medical/rescue services to be delayed and in this situation the only people a casualty can rely on are the by-standers around them at the time. We would like to see everyone involved in outdoor environments trained in basic life support and emergency medical skills.

Unlike other first aid courses we only invite qualified paramedics or doctors with adventure sports/expedition/military experience to join our faculty to ensure high clinical standards and expertise in addition to sound teaching practices. Students will have direct access to the faculty who must keep their knowledge and training CPD up-to-date (please read About Us). Content is delivered through a varied and enjoyable interactive adventure methodology including practical real-time scenarios to attain the knowledge, skills and confidence to keep yourself and those around you safe.

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Teaching Delivery

  • Real-time scenarios with live casualty role-play to explore situation/injuries/treatment process and apply your learning practically.
  • Increased decision making under stress both solo and as part of a team, enhanced confidence to take control/delegate tasks/administer treatment, and development of situational awareness to prevent situations from arising. 
  • Lectures that are thought-provoking, educational and informative, applicable to outdoor environments covering topics from tropical medicine to marine envenomation from medical kit/grab bags to evacuation procedures from CPR/AED to common medical emergencies
  • Informal Q&A session to allow you to ask questions specifically tailored to your particular interests and activities
  • Improved competence using tourniquets, chest seals, AED, bandages etc in addition to improvised use of resources as medical kit
  • Continual assessment to evoke questions, encourage learning and instil best practice
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Is R.R.A.M for me?

All our courses are aimed at the general public (non-medics) involved in adventure sports or expeditions in addition to early years medical students (including sports medics, sports & exercise scientists, and physiotherapists) plus gap-year students. While challenging and not just a ‘turn up and pass’ course the teaching is delivered methodically to prepare you for the assessments.


Qualified medics should contact World Extreme Medicine who run courses with a clinical level that suit your knowledge and skills. They can offer you experiences based in the U.K in addition to overseas desert, jungle, military and ocean-based environmental training if you plan to move into work as a remote medic. You can also join us at their annual conference in Edinburgh, November (#WEM18) which is run over a weekend and is an excellent opportunity to network with world-renowned clinicians, explorers, astronauts, adventurers and the military.